Zelda Makes You SHOUT!

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The Nintendo Wii gets a lot of attention due largely in part to it’s innovative wiimote, and rightfully so – it’s a completely different experience than playing other consoles. It seems everyone from little kids to grannies love to play the Wii. However, I still log far more hours on my DS lite (probably because of the portability factor). Like the wiimote, the DS Stylus allows for some revolutionary yet simple game play.

My latest obsession has been The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. I was a bit concerned at first, as you have to make Link move around with the stylus. At first I was annoyed by this, and some times it still bugs me when my hand gets in the way of the screen, but overall the controls are decent. What has really drawn me into the game is the really unique puzzles the methods you have to employ to solve them. Nintendo has constructed some really innovative ways to use the DS lite for game play. I’m really not all that far into the game and have already come across three pretty tricky puzzles (caution – these are sort of puzzle spoilers):

1. Blowing out the torches at a temple entrance- First I tried swiping the candles with the stylus, then I realized that you LITERALLY HAVE TO BLOW on the DS lite to blow out the candles! The built in microphone senses you blowing on the it and the candles go out.

2. Yelling at the guy in the machine shop to give you a salvage arm for your ship- I had to YELL OUT LOUD to the character, “I WANT THE SALVAGE ARM, PLEEEEAAASE LET ME BUY IT!!”. I was a bit timid at first and I ended up having to yell three times because the dude said I wasn’t enthusiastic enough the first two times. Even after three attempts, I must not have yelled loud enough, cause it still cost me 1000 rupees. As fate would have it, this particular part of the game transpired while I was parked on the toilet.

3. Pressing a spot on a map to the your sea chart- This one had me baffled for the longest time. I left the temple a few times and was steaming mad because I couldn’t figure it out. The game kept hinting that I needed to press the map to the sea chart. I thought I was going to snap the stylus in half as I kept pressing on the map. The game went as far as to tell me that the maps were like a mirror image. I was starting to get pretty pissed off at this point. Finally I realized that since the images on the top and bottom screens were mirror images, if there were some way to drag the top screen onto the bottom, I could press the maps together….it was then that my brain clicked out of 2-D video game mode and I realized that if I actually closed the DS lite lid, it would be like pressing the maps together. Normally when you close the screen of the DS lite, it goes into a suspend mode, but in this case when I closed and re-opened it, the game registered the action and the marker was pressed onto my sea chart! What a cool way to take advantage of the hardware!

This is the sort of stuff that makes Nintendo and their game developers stand out above all the other software / hardware players. I’m constantly amazed at the cool stuff the folks at Nintendo cook up. Things like the examples above are what keep me hooked on my DS lite, wondering what crazy stuff I’m going to have to do in order to solve the next big Zelda puzzle!

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