Where Are All the Moon Colonies?

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I was watching some show on the history channel about integrated circuits, and they mentioned that the Furby had more processing power than the computers on board the NASA Apollo 12 spacecraft. For some reason, this statement grabbed me and sent my mind off on a rather wild tangent.

I started thinking about the Apollo 11 mission, in which we (Americans, that is) put a man on the Moon in 1969. Nearly 40 years ago, Neil Armstrong is hopping around on the lunar surface, probably having the absolute time of his life. I can only imagine the future that space-loving hopefuls imagined after this momentous event. There were a few more missions to explore the surface of the Moon over the next few years, until the Moon missions rather abruptly ended in 1972 with the Apollo 17 mission to the Moon.

Thirty-six years later and there have been literally no advances towards life on the Moon. We’ve shrunk the computing power of the Apollo 12 spacecraft down to the size of a dime and made it cost-effective enough to place in a ridiculous toy, and yet we’re still stuck on terra firma. Certainly if we can accomplish such a feat, we could miniaturize life support systems to a cost and size reasonable enough for use on the Moon.

I suppose in the case of life on the Moon, much of it boils down to politics and money. Apparently, the Moon doesn’t have enough natural resources to support colonization. Too bad there aren’t large oil reserves or something along those lines that Exxon could exploit….with 40.6 billion dollars in profits for 2007 they certainly have enough money to at least consider the feasibility of exploration missions and mining operations…

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  • Pimp Daddy Josh Said:

    Yeah, further advancements were abandoned since we never set foot on the moon. It was just us one- upping all the other nations up to par with our technology. Just America reinforcing the fact or idea that we are the “strongest” Nation to prove we’re the best using our most convincing form of media, Hollywood. Kinda like the Cold War but not. Just watch Wag the Dog.

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