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I recently attended a Dell/EMC SAN training course located at Dell’s HQ in Round Rock, Texas.  I’ve been to South Austin several times before and the BBQ is awesome.  I decided this time to hit as many BBQ places as possible.  I was able to make it to 5 different BBQ joints, all of which were spectacular.

Monday -  The Salt Lick

This was the first BBQ place I went to, recommended by some local folks in my class.  It was pretty good but after hitting all the other places, it probably falls last on the list.  The brisket was a little dry (but very tasty) and the turkey and sausage were great.  Sides were good too.  Generally a good place to get some quality BBQ.

Tuesday – Johnny T’s

Very small hole-in-the-wall sort of place, yet highly reviewed on Yelp.  I couldn’t find a website for this place but everyone on Yelp was raving about it.  I think it might have set my expectations a little too high.  I tried the moist brisket, which they are supposedly known for and it was pretty good but a little to moist and fatty for my tastes.  The staff was kind of annoying too.  I guess they knew I wasn’t local and were bothered by me.  Plenty of sides to go along with the food though.  Ordering went something like this:

“Can I get the two meat platter, please?”

“Sure, what kind of meat?”


“What kind?”

“What? oh! How about the moist?”

“*SIGH* What else?”

“Turkey, please”

“OK, what sides do you want?”

“Beans and…”

“What kind?”

“Of beans?…what do you have?”

“**SIIIIGH** Baked, BBQ, Pinto, Green, Black”

“Wow. OK. How about Baked” (In retrospect, I should have tried the BBQ)

“And your other side?”


“What kind?”

“Seriously?! Well…”

“Creamy or [couldn't understand]?”

“Just let me have the first one you said…I’m starving!”

“Alright your total comes to blah blah blah blah”

The BBQ was pretty good though!  A step up from The Salt Lick, for sure.

Wednesday – Bone Daddy’s

I went to dinner with some Dell guys and we hit up a place they like to go.  I was a bit concerned because as we pulled up, I swear we were going to Porky’s.  Fortunately, the BBQ was awesome – some of the best Brisket and Pulled Pork I have had in a LONG time, and the atmosphere was top-notch as well.


Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to BBQ on Thursday.  I went out with the Dell guys again and we ended up at VIVO’s,  a Tex/Mex place downtown near University of Texas.  It was actually very good but I was bummed I didn’t make it to BBQ.

Friday -  Rudy’s

On Friday I made it over to Rudy’s BBQ with some Dell guys for lunch.  The food was great – probably the best of the week so far.  This place was different.  I swear I thought we were going to a Circle K, since the place was a gas station!  Once inside though, it was obvious that most of the place is a BBQ joint.  What was different about this place was that you actually order what your meat by weight.  I found that  1/4 lb of brisket paired with 1/4 lb of turkey was perfect along with some coleslaw and beans.  They use plastic bins lined with paper as trays which looks hilarious.  Since I missed out on BBQ on Thursday night, I went back to Rudy’s for dinner and tried the moist brisket and BY THE BEARD OF ZEUS was the moist brisket tasty!  I would definitely recommend anyone visiting the Round Rock area hit up Rudy’s and get some moist brisket!  I managed to snap a few pictures at Rudy’s:

Rudy’s BBQ Exterior Rudy’s BBQ Exterior again KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS THATS GOOD BBQ

Saturday -  Ruby’s

My last day in Texas.  Adieu to BBQ.  Such a sad day, and yet, on my way to the airport, I was able to swing by Ruby’s BBQ in downtown Austin, just off Guadalupe.  Ruby’s was recommended to me by my good buddy Will, and KUDOS TO WILL, as this place was awesome!  It was kind of a dump and in a questionable area, but the moist brisket and turkey were awesome.  Best of the week.  The sides were delicious too – I got a mustard-based potato salad and vinaigrette coleslaw that was out of this world.  Maybe it’s because it was the last place I ate at, or maybe it’s just that good, but this was by far my favorite BBQ joint!  I managed to snap a few pics as well.

Rubys Exterior Rubys Counter Rubys Plate of HEAVEN

After Ruby’s, I hit the airport and headed home.  It was a fabulous week of BBQ and I learned something new: I prefer the moist style brisket….oh and I learned a thing or two about EMC Storage Area Networks as well!

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