Windows Phone 7: Will It Suck?

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After years of pushing a tragically stale operating system on unwitting corporate users, Microsoft is promising big things with the release of Windows Phone 7.  “Rebuilt from the ground up!”…”It will save us from our phones!”…Pretty bold statements for a first-release product.  I’ve seen plenty of reviews and photos of the various models.  Paul Thurrott has an amazingly in-depth review on his site:

Windows Phone 7 Supersite Review

All the technology new outlets really seem to be jumping aboard the WP7 love train which is great, but I got to thinking about what matters to ME and what features in WP7 I would like to see.  I am eager to get my hands on the Samsung Focus and see if the new mobile OS from Microsoft is as great as everyone proclaims it to be.  Consequently, I have created my own list of necessary features along with some more lofty features that I would really like to see.


  1. Proper WiFi integration/drivers (similar to iPhone experience)
  2. VPN Support
  3. Properly rendered HTML email
  4. Simple attachment support out of the box (PDF/Office/Images/Audio)
  5. Web Browser on par with Android/iPhone
  6. Decent camera +720p HD video
  7. Dead simple method to switch to/from silent/audible
  8. Unified Email/SMS Inbox
  9. Reminder snoozing with selectable intervals
  10. Activesync/Email retrieval scheduling (certain hours of the day)
  11. Awesome media interface (Zune-like)
  12. Turn by Turn GPS
  13. Multiple Exchange Activesync support


  1. Speech-to-text anywhere
  2. Flash support
  3. Assignable actions for “long-press” on three main keys
  4. Auto-enable VPN for certain apps/resources
  5. WiFi Hotspot capabilities
  6. Ability to create common set of calendars / contacts on phone from multiple sources (live/activesync/google/facebook)
  7. HD Radio

From what I have heard, some of these features are already a lock, but many of them are up in the air until I get a WP7 phone and have some time to experience the new OS for myself!  I’ll try post an update once I’ve had a WP7 phone for a while and can accurately comment on the above features/requests…

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