20480 Megabytes

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I’ve been busy at work building out a bunch of new servers, when I had to stop and have a laugh at my own expense. When creating new filesystems during OS installation, I usually pick a reasonable size for the OS filesystem and proceed with the install. The part that made me chuckle was the fact that I was creating a 20GB partition, in this case for a Windows Server 2003 installation. Why it that funny? Let me continue…

To be precise, I was creating a 20480MB partition. I’m not exactly sure what compels me to do so, but I always create partitions based on a proper multiple of 1024. I suppose it partly has to do with the fact that I am obsessed with clean servers that are built properly – I like to see that nice clean 20.0GB size listed:

20480 Megabytes

It also really grinds my gears when you tell an OS installer that you want a 20GB filesystem and it creates a 20 Billion Byte filesystem instead. When I tell a computer to give me a 20GB filesystem, I want a 20GB filesystem, NOT a 19.5GB filesystem. I am not amused by misbehaving robots.

It’s always fun to have a good laugh at one’s own neurotic habits.


Apple Fanboys On A Plane

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On my way to Austin, I got stuck next to a couple of Apple-loving geezers. These dudes were crusty old sales monkeys that apparently work for some tech company in Silicon Valley (my flight departed from SJC). One of the guys had an iPhone and I was about to ask him 2 questions:

1. How is that iPhone working with your business email?
2. How about that $200 price drop?

However, I soon grew bored of his incessant bragging on how great apple was, but then I heard him tell the story of his iPhone adventure.

Apparently he waited in line to get an iPhone, although he did not mention how long he waited. He went on to tell the other dude that he got a fancy adapter for his iPhone for $10 so that he could use it with regular headphones. Lame. Then he was yammering on about how slow the data was on the phone and how he couldn’t wait to go buy the 3G version when it comes out. Double Lame.

The best part was when I heard what he did with his $100 credit. He went to an apple store and bought an ipod nano. Why the hell does he need a nano when he has an iPhone??!?

So here’s this dude’s story in a nutshell:

1. He waits in line for an iPhone
2. Apple bones him for $200 six weeks later with the price drop. Somehow this doesn’t piss him off.
3. He gets a $100 credit for apple and is stoked.
4. He goes into an apple store and blows another $100 on a nano that he doesn’t really need.
5. He’s already on the bandwagon for the 3G iPhone, when it comes out

From this we can conclude that he are dumb and apple be intellugent.


Parallel Worlds: Web 2.0 and Scrapbooking

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There are some web developers who scoff at websites that do not use rounded corners within the page design. Turns out there are some scrapbookers who feel the same way about certain page designs.

Rounded Corners on the internets:
W3C Rounded Corner Style

Rounded Corners with paper:
Scrapbook 1 Dot Zero

Scrapbook 2 Dot Zero

The tool that makes it all happen:
Scrapbook 2.0 Tool

There you have it. The next generation of scrapbooking. I guess you could call it “Scrapbook 2.0″.


Food items solve crimes.

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Best description EVER for Aqua Teen Hunger Force:



Sydney Loves The DS Lite

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My 2 year old daughter likes to watch when I play the DS Lite, a.k.a. “the little tv”. One day she decided that she wanted to play the DS Lite. I told her that she wouldn’t understand how to play it because she is only 2 years old. Being as stubborn as her old man, she insisted on trying, and is now a New Super Mario Bros. (minigames) champ. She knows how to play almost all the minigames and how to switch between them. I guess the d-pad is still a foreign concept, but using the stylus to play the minigames is like second nature.

My wife popped into the office a few days ago while I was filing some old paperwork and started laughing – I didn’t get it until I turned around and saw Sydney sitting like this playing the DS Lite. I shed a solitary tear of joy that day.

Sydney Loves Her DS Lite


So Much For Standards…

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Recently I purchased an LG CU500 phone from a Cingular. The phone is pretty cool and has a nifty built in mp3 player that even has buttons on the outside of the phone for playback. The box and manuals have microSD logos plastered all over them.

I figured a 1GB card would do nicely for holding a good amount of music, and Kingston 1GB cards can be had for a mere $16! My freshie 1GB card arrived and I promptly placed it in the phone, but the phone would not recognize the card. I tried to re-seat the card several times, but the phone refused to recognize the card.

I placed a call to Kingston’s technical support line to report the problem. The chump on the phone told me that they have had numerous incidents where this phone does not recognize Kingston memory cards. He suggested that I call LG, which I did.

The LG rep was very short, and before I could even finish explaining my issue, she told me that they didn’t support the Kingston cards in the LG CU500. Pretty pissed at this point, I asked her why they would put the microSD logo on the phone. Her only reply was that they did not know that the phone wouldn’t work with the Kingston card until after they had shipped them all. Yeah, right.

So, I purchased a microSD card for a phone that advertises microSD capability, and yet, I cannot use the card. I can only RMA the card for the same thing, so that won’t help me – seems ebay is my only option to unload this card, and frankly, ebay is such a p.i.t.a. that I’ll probably just toss the card in a drawer to rot. Maybe someday I’ll have a need for a 1GB microSD card. OH KOOL.


iTunes Is A Persistent Little Bugger

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iTunes has been nagging me for weeks to upgrade to 7.0.2 or whatever. Finally I relent to the nagging and download and install the new version. What a pain. You would think that apple, being a company that LOVES to brag about how simple their products are to use, would make an installer for iTunes that simply grabs the new stuff and applies it to you current version. However, this is not the case.

I’ve got to hit the apple website and download a whopping 35MB file, just to get iTunes from version 7.0.1 to 7.0.2. On top of that, The new installer apparently doesn’t check my installer preferences from like the last 10 times I have installed iTunes, and I’ve got to click thru a bunch of dialogs. Now this really isn’t all that bad, except when it’s all done, I’ve got a bunch of useless crap that I need to clean up:

1. Once again, the stupid Quicktime tray icon is running and I have to once again disable it.
2. There is a new Quicktime icon on my desktop that I have to delete
3. There is a Quicktime icon in my quick launch bar that I have to remove

Now this may sound all whiny and crybaby-ish but it really GRINDS MY GEARS that I have to go thru this little dance every damned time I install even the tiniest upgrade to iTunes. I can’t stop using iTunes because my nano would pretty much be useless, so I’m stuck with this lovely pile of doo-doo that apple constantly updates.

Sometimes I long for the good olde days of Winamp 2.6 and my trusty Diamond Rio PMP300. Good times, Good Times.


CTRL + SHIFT + T is a Thing of Beauty

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Firefox has featured tabbed browsing for some time now, which is very useful when viewing multiple websites. Generally, I have no less than 3 tabs open at a time, and have had well in excess of 50 browsing tabs open on more than one occasion.

Every now and then, I’ll close a tab and immediately think “GOLLY GEE WILLICKERS, I didn’t mean to close THAT tab!”. Then I would have to dig thru my history to try and find that tab and re-open it.

Firefox 2.0 introduced a new built-in feature, session manager, which is designed to restore previous browsing sessions in the event of a crash. Along with this new feature is the ability to RESTORE CLOSED TABS!! This feature is a huge bonus and almost makes me as happy as the time when that punk space ninja dude got his legs and arm chopped off when he was fighting that other galactic gypsy guy by the lava river in that space movie.

If you close a tab on accident (or on purpose) and want it back, just add the “shift” key to the new tab keyboard shortcut, and your closed tab will pop back up! Keep pressing CTRL+SHIFT+T and other closed tabs will continue to be resurrected….even if you close Firefox completely and relaunch it, your old tabs from the last time you used Firefox will be restored.

At first when I saw this tip I was like, “meh. yawn. borrring.”, but now I get it. No longer do I spend countless seconds searching thru my browser history. Never again shall I waste valuable surf time scouring RSS feeds for that news niblet that I wanted. Thumbs up to you, Firefox!


Mobility Radeon Not Always Mobile

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I was setting up some new Dell servers when I noticed something interesting. The PowerEdge Servers we got use Ati Mobility Radeon chipsets!
Dell Server Video Chip

The device manager shows the video chipset as “Radeon 7000 Series”.
Device Manager Radeon 7000

Seems like a pretty smart idea, really. Servers don’t need a lot of horsepower in the display department, and having a mobile chipset helps keep power consumption and heat output down. Most important, however, is the fact that the display adapter has 16MB of dedicated video memory, so this server ought to be “Quake 3 Arena Ready” right out of the box!


Too Much vi

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You know you’ve been using vi to much when you’re editing a text/html file in windows and this happens:


After I did it I was like, “Why is my editor still open? Where is my shell prompt?!?”….then it hit me and I chuckled and figured it was screencap-worthy.

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